Friday, January 20, 2012

And Then It Was 2012... (Or, Right Now)

Oh, heeeeeey, guys.

Remember that time I started a project about holiday specials, planned on queuing up a bunch of posts so that it would keep going while I was on vacation, then gave up and went to Disneyland, after which I didn't say anything at all for a month?

Me neither.

On a completely unrelated note, I love Disneyland. A lot.

Anyway, my prolonged absence has spared you from having to read the usual occasionally reflective, more than occasionally self-indulgent thoughts on the state of my life, because we're more than halfway through January now and that would be so 2011. That's right, kids. It's a whole new year.

Do allow me just a moment, however, to acknowledge the year that was. 2011 was the first year I fully carried the, "Go Out and Do Stuff, Jerk," banner. It worked in my favor. Tremendously. If an opportunity to do something really cool presented itself to me, I took it. I stretched my finances, stepped out of my comfort zone, traveled, stayed local, went out alone, went out with friends old and new, and said yes a lot more than no. 2011 was about having adventures and giving myself stories to tell. Mission accomplished.

Operation: Go Out and Do Stuff, Jerk was so successful, in fact, that I have continued carrying that banner into 2012. Stay tuned.

Okay. Moment over.

So, here's the thing: I've never really had nails. I have a nervous habit instead. Last year, I firmly resolved to leave my hands alone and grow those fools out for pretty much the first time ever. Close to a week passed before a combination of stress and compulsion ended that dream.

But it's 2012 now, guys. The dream has been reborn.

My reason for setting this goal (again) is two-fold: 1) I hit the big 2-5. It's now completely undeniable that I'm kind of a grown-up, albeit the kind that is surrounded by toys and lights and all the other things lesser grown-ups envy. It's time to accept that having real people nails would probably lend me a little bit of street cred in the adult world. 2) The self-awareness involved in not absent-mindedly putting your fingers in your mouth or fussing with them in your lap is probably something I should have. Or whatever.

Oh, wait. The reason is three-fold: OPI put out a line of Muppet nail polishes, and they're kind of fun.

Yup. I said, "nail polish," and, "fun," in the same sentence (a sentence that did not contain the word, "destroy," at all, I might add). Disney's pretty crafty, getting in my head like that. It's almost as good as that time Benefit tricked/shamed me into buying a bunch of makeup, thus forcing me into figuring out how to wear it.

But come on. The wee mini ones are called Muppettes. That alone is a little irresistible.

Anyway, it's day 3, and these paws are starting to improve. I've white-knuckled it a little at times, by I remain optimistic.

2012. It's going to be my year.