Sunday, December 15, 2013

On Soups and Slipping (Or, Winter is Coming)

Early Monday Morning, my dear father decided it was incredibly important to hose off his car in front of the house before driving it to an undisclosed location. Approximately one hour later, I slipped (but did not fall - it's the little victories, guys) on our icy driveway. Winter weather had arrived in SF with an unusually aggressive vengeance.

I love cold weather, which is likely equal parts growing up in a place where, "winter," does not mean blizzards and the fact that I tend to run very warm. Though, side note, I do not romanticize snow: having had my life interrupted, albeit briefly, by it when I was at school in Seattle, I learned very quickly that snow is just complicated rain. Fun for atmosphere if you have nothing to do, terribly inconvenient when you have to go on living your life. No, San Francisco winters are just right for me: chilly, occasionally rainy, but manageable.

And soup is one of those things that makes it manageable (see what I did there - TRANSITION!).

Making soup is one of the best things ever. It's an inelegant, soothing process that makes you feel homey and usually results in your whole kitchen smelling amazing. Plus, soups are so versatile - you can freeze them and store them, eat them all week, whatever your situation calls for.

I got home from work a little early on Tuesday and was delighted to discover that I had all the makings of a white bean and garlic soup in my pantry (that final week before payday can sometimes result in questionable food choices, so this really was a coup). You can find the recipe for this hearty little number after the jump. In the meantime, watch out for ice on the sidewalk. Seriously.