Sunday, July 6, 2014

On Quick and Easy Dishes (Or, Sorry, I Was Supposed to Do This Weeks Ago...)

I'm a jerk.

Having a multipurpose blog means that when someone says, "Hey, saw your Instagram photo of your dinner 'cause you're one of those people, can I get the recipe," I tend to answer with, "Sure! I'm going to put it up on my blog this week." Which is a great response, in theory, because then I can direct anybody else who asks to one place and hey, new blog post!

However, sometimes, "I'll put it up on my blog this week," really means, "Next week," or, "In a couple months," or, "Never."

Sorry. If you're one of the people I've inadvertently fibbed to, do know that I always start with honest intentions.

As penance, I'm finally providing you with one of my favorite recipes, and I've another post in the works that will feature a new summer favorite. I hope we can still be friends.

Cooking is my favorite. I genuinely enjoy it, and on the health front, the best way to know exactly where your food came from and what went into it is to make it yourself.

However, cooking can also be a major time suck, especially if you're working late or if you have a long commute. I try to plan for the week and reserve some time on Sundays to prep things so that I can just reheat when I get home, but it doesn't always work out that way. This is when it helps to have a couple of super quick and filling dishes in your back pocket - they'll keep you from leaning on takeout, which will rob you blind and probably leave you nutritionally unsatisfied, while still allowing you to eat dinner before 10:00.

After the jump, you'll find one of my go-to's.